Sunday, November 8, 2009

End of Summer

All you glass crafters, from the east coast, who follow my blog must do yourself a favor and make plans to get to Wessmach and Youghiogeny Glass, and Warner Stainedglass. They are all very worth the trip. Wonderful people to deal with and a wealth of information can be garnered, during your visit.

I had the opportunity to travel there with another glassing friend. We had a wonderful trip. While in the area we made several side trips along the way. We stopped at the sight where flight 93 went down. While a somber place, the brave actions of the group of people can be felt too. We also went to Falling Waters, one of the many homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. And we were also able to get the the Church Brew House, in Pittsburgh, an old church that was converted into a restaurant, that makes their very own brews. Each of these stops helped add to making our trip even more memorable. We met simply wonderful people each step of the way, from a gentlemen in a toll both, who actually took the time to get us directions to the restaurant we were going to, and even said if we took him alone he would pay (he was kidding of course, as he was working), to a couple in yet another meal stop who chatted with us about the states we were both from, and then there were the college kids in New Scranton who got us back on to the highway, when we made a wrong turn. When you go, be sure to get off the highway and travel some of the other roads, it was such a treat skirting back and forth from the West Virginia and Ohio sides of the mighty Ohio river, something that you wouldn't have done from the main highway.

If you plan to visit Youghiogeheny glass factory, you must give them 48 hours notice to book your tour, other wise you will only be able to purchase glass at the station location.

Unfortunately, my bubble burst because upon returning home, I came down with the flu and have not really gotten my strength back even as I type this.

Summer has come and gone and winter is approaching fast. The Christmas Fairs have begun.

I have a full plate of things coming up, 2 holiday shows and a nice commission piece for a gentlemen who loves to sail.

Above are a few of many new items that have been added for this years Christmas fairs.