Saturday, October 23, 2010

Summer is but a memory now

Haven't been here for a bit.

Summer really had me down for the count with the MS, but now that the cooler weather is here I am surely hoping that I will again be back to scoring lots of my beautiful glass.
Here is a picture of the early fall colors viewed from across one of the many lovely spots I enjoy visiting.

Have been invited to display in a holiday show in December. With a lot of Grace from God and a little help from friends I am setting my sites on this show.

Time will tell.

I have had a sail boat panel on my work table for months now. Will post the end result soon.

Thanks for visiting my site, hope you will return soon and I really hope that I have some new eye candy waiting for your return visit. Joan

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Anew

Can't believe it is already May. Time is flying. Life got in the way of many things that I have been wanting to tend to, but I did get to do this panel and start a commissioned piece too, since last it blogged.

I designed this panel to enter a contest, where we were challenged to add elements to our work that we had not made a practice of doing till now.

Plating, wire work and stones as a none glass element are choices I made to include. I also used the harness style hanging armature which was way out of the norm for me.

This panel did try my patience at times, as the stone work delayed the speed in which I could have normally soldered anything. The stones retain heat far longer than glass/foil does. I had collected several bags of river rocks from different craft stores with the intention of using them for flower arrangements, but thought they would work well in this panel. Here in NE stone walls are pretty common in area that there were farms in days gone by. So I wanted to give it a try in this panel. Over all I am very pleased with the out come of this effort.
Here is a close up the bird and her nest of eggs, which also shows one of the walls in the back ground.

Hope you enjoy

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