Saturday, September 20, 2008

Studio Work

Well the re-construction is done. Now the hard work starts. Putting the studio back together. Not fun, at all. Pictures will follow.

The floor plan of the studio begins tomorrow. It is incredible how much you can accumulate is a short period of time that has to have a home and be handy, ready to use. What a task. This coming week it should be all but a memory and the tools of glassing will be out and flying. Yeah.

Time to start the Christmas season items, and get the commission work done.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Well the glassing is on hold. The studio is in the middle of a huge makeover. When this project is done, I'll be back in the swing of designing and creating some new panels, a lamp along some interesting, and fun projects.
This project will have me burning the midnight oil attempting to get my pieces done for the up coming holiday shows. Whats the saying, "pulling my hair out".
I'll tell ya, it is amazing what you will find when you start pulling into walls. Makes you wonder how people ever got away with the things they pull. I am one luck lady that this place did not fall down around me. Thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon now, hear. JFA

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Custom Stained Glass Claddagh

I designed this stained glass claddagh for my Aunt Mickey at the time of her 50th wedding anniversary. The claddagh is the Irish symbol for love, so I thought it to be a fitting gift for the occasion.
The thumbs are done as an overlay, to add some dimension to the panel.
The color of the flesh is distorted due to the bleed through of the red onto the light colored flesh glass.

My aunt has a collection of claddahs. She has commissioned me to design a lampshade with claddahs for her next addition to the collection.

©Stained Glass Creations from Designs by JFA