Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This was my entry into a show which I won 4th place for. I have always loved the sound of a waterfall and so wanted to bring the sound into my home. I built the cabinet which is 6 foot tall by two foot wide. The panel is my own orginial design too. The water container has a grate which allows the changing out of live flowers and plants, so an ever changing appearence.
©Stained Glass Creations from Designs by JFA

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here is the second in the series of abstract side lights. This one can be done as a single, a double or as a wide panel. Colors or clear textures makes this change as the need presents it's self.
©Stained Glass Creations from Designs by JFA

Here is my latest pattern.

I haven't been much of an abstract fan, but customers seem to like them.

To fill a need, I plan on doing a series of abstracts, this being the first of the series.

I figured a FLW style may be a pleasing side light.

This could also be done in all clear textures rather than color.

©Stained Glass Creations from Designs by JFA

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I designed this panel to be inserted into a light box, as a house warming gift for my step son and his wife when they moved to Az. He had requested a lighthouse, as he felt he wouldn't be seeing one very soon.

I drew this scene, in charcoals, when I was a teen, while on vacation with my parents. I didn't find a scene that appealed to me, so I took my drawing and turned it into a stained glass pattern. Unfortunately I had not attached the cat walk to the panel when this picture was taken.
The original charcoal drawing that was done in the early 60's, is shown on top.
©Stained Glass Creations from Designs by JFA

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"For the Love of the Iris"

One of my all time favorite flower is the "iris", My garden has a collection of iris from 4 inches tall to 40". This panel was designed to depict my most recent addition.

The background glass is bamboo textured glass, that I felt gave it some more interest without taking away from the bloom.

The panel measures 20 x 15. As with all my panels, I can custom design your panel to meet your color choice and size needs.

©Stained Glass Creations from Designs by JFA

"Summer Time Fun"

The inspiration came from two different sources. A dear friend I met on SGV was making flip flop sun catchers and spectrum glass had done a round panel of flip flops for score newsletter last summer. I saw a pool side scene in my mind. Sometimes we get jumping off points from unexpected and unrelated sources. Designing is fun that way.

I love how the Wissmach, English Muffle give the sparkle to the water.

This panel measures 11 1/2" square.
©Stained Glass Creations from Designs by JFA

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cutter's Mate

Just had to post a Thank you to the wonderful man who made it possible for me to continue doing stained glass. I was diagnosed with MS several years ago and was forced to give up my art passion at that time which was ceramics. I found this art form and it was love at first score. Well the MS plans your life sometimes and I was starting to have a difficult time scoring the glass and thought that I may have to give this up too. One day the UPS man dropped off an unexpected gift. A cutter's mate sent to me by someone I had never even met. He had read about my tough time and out of his golden heart he mailed me the entire setup. I thank him everyday and thank God for making such beautiful people. Ray, you don't have to blush, you are very very special.


The panel that I have on the layout board now, is of the baby horse that we had to have put down at the young age of 4 years old. She was a year and a half here. She was born on the property I shared with my ex. This panel depicts her at the age of 1 1/2.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

From Sea to Shining Sea

Here is the finished panel from my pattern. This panel consists of about 80 pieces and measures 24x18. The water and rocks have a textured back side to add depth to the color. I designed it to celebrate love of country.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This a collection of patterns that I have designed, and are copyrighted. The completed panel is shown in some cases as well. These are my own patterns and are not intended for public use, but to demonstrate the vast number of subjects one can create.

I do custom work as well. This art is my passion.