Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally started my daughter's house warming panel

I am sooo pleased to finally be able to get working on glass again.  I had designed this panel last September and hadn't been well enough to get it started.  The grid design made cutting so much easier because of using my "Beetle Bits" cutting system,  Glasser will recognize the product name, but for my non glasser followers, the "Beetle Bits" is a tool that allows you to set up a series of stops for cutting repetitive same size strips or angled shapes of glass with complete accuracy, and increased speed.  The white colored areas are stock bevels, the center square gray areas is a textured glass called "Chinchilla". The small gray colored areas in the border are a glass called "Glue Chip", and the blue areas is "English Muffle", which is a textured glass also.  All the textured glasses defuse light and prying eyes, the bevels are clear and will reflect the light and the blue glass.
The panel is designed to be able to be removable, (attached to the window, by using a mirror type clips) rather than a permanent installation, allowing for changing decor easily. 
©Stained Glass Designs by JFA September 22, 2011


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