Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year everyone. 

Been an interesting year for sure.  We added another grand daughter to our family.  I rejoined the Mary Kay family of Mary Kay independent beauty consultants.  We watched while the country elected a 2nd term president.  We held on while the congress let us fall off a cliff.  I have my first stained glass student, who will be starting her 1st class this month.

I will started a new glass project for my own home.  I am converting my china cabinet into a stained glass doored cabinet.  I have down graded my collections to a point that I will no longer need the cabinet for display purposes.  I will be using my oval Iris panel in the middle door.  The panel can be back lit, so I will be able to enjoy it.  I will also be making the second front door panel for my daughters duplex this year. 

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reginag said...

May all of us be blessed!